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Logos Theatre

LOGOS Theater operates at Rectory Church of Creative Communities and together form the center of Christian culture Lodz.
It's a great theater, performances are…

Theatre V6

Theater V6 is a team of versatile dancers, acrobats, singers and experienced artists from various fields of art. This is the only entertainment in Lodz!

Power palace Lodz

It now houses the Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Lodz. The palace originally was the seat of directors of Power Lodz. Partially preserved…

Palace Reinhardt Bennich

Reinhardt Bennich Palace (completed in 1904), is an excellent example of Art Nouveau decoration frontowej.Secesyjny palace facade on the street of Gdansk 89 designed David…

Home knitters

Piotrkowska Street survived several low buildings - houses of weavers. Many of these buildings have been demolished after the Second World War.

The New Theatre

This dramatic theater, an initiative of young theater school pupils Lodz Leon Schiller. There auditorium which seats 380 spectators, the scene of the Rotary zapadniami,…

MS2 Art Museum

It is a place of experimental work with the Collection of the century. Museum's collections are displayed around the threads that exposure authors consider relevant…

Dom Otto Gehlig

It is rare in Lodz example design of the forms of the German Renaissance and Dutch Mannerism.
The building belonged to Otto Gehlig - architect.…


The history of the Philharmonic begin in 1915. On the occasion of the Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of the Philharmonic he was awarded the…

Book Art Museum

The museum collects art books and technical equipment in the field of typography in the field of printing, papermaking, bookbinding. There are organized exhibitions of…

Depot Museum Brus

It is a former tram depot. Exhibitions are presented in the former administrative building and outside, where there is an exhibition tram cars and buses.

Pałac Ludwika Heinzla

Pałac zbudowany przez Ludwika Heinzla  w miejsce starego dworu. Właściciel był wielkim miłośnikiem koni - posiadał kilka stajni i własny tor konny.
Obecnie zabytek jest…

Dom tkacza

To jeden z najcenniejszych zabytków Pabianic!
Budynek wzniesiony w I połowie XIX wieku w stylu spotykanym w dalekiej, niemieckiej Saksonii.

Monument in Zgierz

Stu Lost Children is a place of public execution hundred Poles in 1942, in retaliation for the shooting of two police officers in Germany. It…