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Wax museum

This is the place where you will see wax figures from fairy tales and movies, as well as people who have enrolled in Polish…

Cloth Hall in Krakow

The Cloth Hall formerly had commercial functions.
On the first floor there are exhibitions Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the nineteenth century.

Hutten-Czapski Museum

Museum in the Czapski Mansion.
Here you can admire the impressive collection of Hutten-Czapski: more than 11 thousand coins, medals, orders, banknotes and engravings…

Zygmunt Bell

The most famous polish bell which weighs more than 12 tons!
It beats on the most important churches and national holidays and celebrations.

Wawel Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral built in the fourteenth century.
In the royal tombs there are prominent figures like: Kościuszko, Mickiewicz, Slovak, Pilsudski, Gen. Sikorski and others.

Kupa Synagogue

It is the last synagogue that arose during the Jewish city.
It was also called the Hospital synagogue because it was adjacent to a…

Remuh Synagogue

Synagogue in Renaissance style with beautiful interior.
Next to the synagogue there is a Jewish cemetery - one of the oldest in Europe.

Old Synagogue

At the permanent exhibition is exposed historical collection of Judaica.
In ancient prayer rooms are displayed objects of Jewish ritual art.

PRL museum

Museum shows what was in PRL undeniably bad, but also highlights positive attitudes and achievements of people living at the time.

Żupny Castle

The castle is the former headquarters of the mines of Wieliczka and Bochnia.
The museum presents the history of salt mining and the development…

Walery Sławek Villa

Erected for the summer home of Colonel Walery Slawek - outstanding statesman, three times Prime Minister of Poland.
Currently, there is Raclawice Land Society.

Medieval Park

You will go back here until the 15th century. You will see a medieval village, an armory, a torture…

Old church

Gothic-style church, made of stone.
There are fragments of polychrome and baroque paintings from the original decor of the church