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Museum of Bread

Marynarki Polskiej 49, Ustka


Museum of Bread in Ustka is primarily over two thousand impressive historical exhibits machines once used in baking machine, a book about the history of baking and pastry, postcards and stamps motif bread, spices, ceramic paintings, and many others. Here you can see, among others, the seventeenth-century table kneading gingerbread, pre-war candy vending machine and one of the first refrigerators, which operated without the use of electricity, pestles, mixers for cakes and creamy mass or waffle from the early twentieth century, and many, many others . the Bread Museum you can learn also how were produced tree pie, and weighed raw materials needed for production, which scales used for this purpose, and as they looked equipment for the production of ice cream.



Museum of Bread
Phone: 598 144 840

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