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Railway Museum in Warsaw

Here, in the building of the former Warsaw Central Railway Station, you will see historic rolling stock, documents, railway machinery and equipment, uniforms, mock-ups and…

Andrzej Struga Museum

You will see a biographical literary exhibition here.
It not only talks about literary achievements, but also about active participation in the political and social…

Museum of the Warsaw Uprising

You will get acquainted here with a very interesting history of the Warsaw Uprising.
It is a tribute to those who fought and died…

Museum of Maria Dabrowska

The museum is housed in an apartment where Maria Dąbrowska spent 37 years of her life and created most of her works!
You will…

Museum of diving

The museum is the only institution of its kind in Poland!
It presents classical equipment from the 19th century as well as early equipment of…

Museum of Technology and Industry

You will see here: a wonderful collection of old motorcycles, cars, bikes, exhibitions dedicated to computers, household appliances and much more!

Old Orangery

The Old Orangery was built to house exotic trees in the winter season. It is also a place which is very closely linked to art…

Doll Theater

It is a famous Warsaw theater with a repertoire designed for the youngest theater fans.
It also plays an educational role by organizing various…

Royal Łazienki Park

It is a palace and park complex with many classicistic monuments.
One of the most beautiful and famous places in Warsaw!
Many cultural events…

Hunting and riding museum

There are about 10 thousand interesting objects from Poland and Western Europe.
Among them: hunting trophies, hunting accessories, melee weapons, furniture, carriages, and others…

Muzeum Miar

Początki gromadzenia w Głównym Urzędzie Miar dawnych przyrządów pomiarowych i różnego rodzaju dokumentów sięgają lat 20. ubiegłego wieku. Po wojennych zniszczeniach wydobyto z gruzów gmachu…

National Museum in Warsaw

Museum has over 800,000 exhibits!
You will see works of Polish and world art coming from all epochs like paintings, sculptures, photographies and more.

National Ethnographic Museum

You will see here, among others, instruments, folk costumes from different regions of Poland and the world.
This is a real mine of knowledge about…

Polish Army museum

You will get acquainted with the history of the Polish Army from its beginnings - from the 10th century until the end of World…

Museum of Pawiak Prison

Pawiak is a non-existent detention prison, which was of special significance during the Second World War.
You will see eg. The place where the abuser…

Jewish Historical Institute

It is an institution dedicated to research on the history and culture of Jews in Poland.
There is the largest collection of Judaica in…

National Museum of Archaeology

The monuments present the history and culture of the inhabitants of the Polish lands from the appearance of the first human groups in the Stone…

Theater Museum at the Grand Theater

Collections include painting (portraits of actors and writers), sculpture, graphics, drawing, photographic documentation, design (mock-up, costumes, props)

Museum of Independence

You will see exhibits documenting the history of the Polish aspirations for independence from the Kosciuszko Uprising to present day and the fate of Poles…

Museum of Caricature

The museum collects and publishes Polish and foreign works in the field of caricature art.
The collection includes caricatures from the eighteenth century to…

Asia and Pacific Museum

The museum has collections devoted to the cultures of Asia, Oceania and Australia.
The most numerous are collections from Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Burma, China, Tibet.

Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw

The museum occupies the Trinitarian Fathers former monastery building and has a collection of about 20 thousand exhibits!
It presents the sacred art and crafts…

Museum of attorney's profession

The museum is of historical character and shows the history of the profession of advocate in Poland from the end of the 18th century to…

Royal Castle in Warsaw

Beautiful castle in Baroque-Classicist style. Originally it was the residence of the dukes of Mazovia.
If You are in this city, you have to…

Muzeum Historyczne m.st. Warszawy

Muzeum Historyczne gromadzi zbiory poświęcone historii Warszawy (varsaviana): malarstwo, grafikę, rzeźbę, obiekty archeologiczne, rzemiosło artystyczne, medale i numizmaty, plany i rysunki architektoniczne, fotografie, negatywy, pocztówki,…

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature

The museum collects historical monuments and documentation materials in the field of Polish literature and popularizes its invaluable value.
It is in possession of very…

Sokolnicki Fort

It's a part of Alexandrite Citadel.
Currently, the Arts Center is located here, which is active in the area of culture, art and business

Palace in Wilanow

This is a really unusual place - a delightful Baroque palace and a beautiful park around.
The museum is the oldest Polish art museum. It…

Museum of Sport and Tourism

The museums are mainly associated with Polish sport: medals, tokens, trophies, sports and tourist badges and coins, banners, costumes and much more.

Neon Museum

It is place, where post-war light advertising - neon lights, have shelter.
There are about 60 neon signs and their number is growing steadily!

Parish of Saint Faustina

Patron - Saint Faustina was a great mystic, master of spiritual life, a prophet who reminded the biblical truth of God's merciful love to…

Dulag 121 Museum

Museum documents the history of the German transit camp Dulag 121 and the fate of Warsaw residents expelled from the city during the uprising in…

Jewish cemetery in Pruszkow

The cemetery was founded in the early 20th century.
There are many tombstones and a former funeral home with Tahara - a room for…

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

The shrine is a vote of gratitude for saving Poland and a seminar during World War II.
The entrance is decorated with a giant…

Cemetery in Pruszków-Żbików

You can find a lot of gravestones from the nineteenth century. You will also find mass war grave of Polish Army soldiers fallen in September…

Manor in Ołtarzew

This manor house was always full of family, patriotic and religious traditions, called by the surrounding inhabitants, "the bastion of Polishness".

Gołaszew - granary

The granary is part of a former manor house.
The interior of the granary is made of wood. Light comes through small windows.
It is…

Historic Inn in Nadarzyn

Classicist building. It had the characteristic features of an old Polish inn.
At present the Inn is the seat of the Nadarzyn Cultural Center.

Gołaszew - manor house

A manor house built in the middle of the 19th century. Next to it was a granary and a neo-gothic chapel.
The interiors of…

Kolonia Artystyczna w Zalesiu Dolnym

Kolonia artystyczna to nie tylko plenerowa praca twórcza, to także to styl życia i codzienność. Styl rozpowszechniony na początku XX wieku m.in. w Kazimierzu nad…

Folk Art Museum

For over 40 years, folk art collections have been collected here: sculptures, paintings, palms, wicker baskets, straw products and much more.

Museum of Automotive and Technology

The Motor Museum is one of the largest in Europe.
Among the collections there are about 300 vehicles: cars, buses, airplanes, baby strollers, bicycles ...

Seat of the 'Mazowsze'

There is the seat of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazovia".
It is a regional, folklore, exhibition and conference center.

St. Wincenty Ferreriusz church

The temple was erected in 1855. Nearby is a cemetery with a classicist burial chapel and a grave of people executed during World War II.

Museum of Horse Vehicles

The largest Mazovia Museum of Horse Vehicles. It has 50 exhibits, including: carriages,  peasant cars, gypsy car and others.

Polish Manor Museum

A classicist manor house with a beautifully maintained park.
Inside you will see stylishly decorated rooms that capture the mood of a former aristocratic…

Memorial Museum in Palmira

In Palmira, 1757 people were executed during secret executions.
The museum presents memorabilia related to victims of Nazi executions.

Lubomirski Palace

A charming, baroque palace that has changed owners many times.
In the interwar period, this place became the inspiration for Helena Mniszkowna to the…

Basilica of Holy Trinity

The church is one of the most valuable monuments of national sacral architecture in the late Baroque style, and is also one of the…

Zofia and Waclaw Nałkowski Museum

This is a biographical museum devoted to Waclaw Nałkowski and his daughter Sophie.
There are family photos, surviving book collections, Sophia's piano and much more.…

Saint Nicolas Church in Tarczyn

The beautiful epitaphs adorn the interior.
Noteworthy is the 17th-century Baroque organ prospect, as well as the pulpit of the 18th century.