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Church of Sts. Michael the Archangel in Karlin

Plac Kościelny , Karlino


Church. St. Michael the Archangel in Karlin - Roman Catholic church in belonging to the parish of the same name, to the deanery Białogard, Diocese of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg, Szczecin-kamieńskiej.Kościół metropolis built of brick in the late Gothic style, hall (nave), oriented (main altar placed in the direction of the east, and an elongated shape in the direction of east-west). It is plastered, built of brick with wide and low proporcjach.Obiekt, on the western side, closes the three-storey square tower, similar to the gate of the city, which may be the main entrance. At the top of the tower are pinnacles (fiale); characteristic of Gothic decorative element. They crowned the corners of the tower. Around the tower runs a frieze separating it from the floor. In the tower are not high arched windows placed in a nearly circular enclosed niches.



Church of Sts. Michael the Archangel in Karlin

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