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Jordan Park

There are 46 busts of famous Polish characters.
There are various pitches, playgrounds, small ponds, concert shells, bicycle towns and much more.

Main Market Square in Cracow

Mandatory for every tourist.
History of the Market dates back to the 13th century. It is one of the largest markets in Europe!

Cloth Hall in Krakow

The Cloth Hall formerly had commercial functions.
On the first floor there are exhibitions Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the nineteenth century.

St. Mary's Basilica

One of the largest and most important churches in Krakow.
You will see the Veit Stoss altarpiece here and many other valuable sights.

The Florianska Gate

The 35 meter gate was built in the 13th century.
It was the beginning of the Royal Road through Kraków to Wawel.

Monument of Jan Matejko

It is located opposite the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts.
It presents the painter Jan Matejko sitting in an armchair, placed in the frame…

Barbican in Krakow

It's part of the city's fortifications, created in fear of a Walachian-Turkish invasion.
Currently a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of…

Zygmunt Bell

The most famous polish bell which weighs more than 12 tons!
It beats on the most important churches and national holidays and celebrations.

Wawel Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral built in the fourteenth century.
In the royal tombs there are prominent figures like: Kościuszko, Mickiewicz, Slovak, Pilsudski, Gen. Sikorski and others.

Wawel Dragon

The monument is one of the symbols of Cracow and commemorates the legend of the mythical dragon.
It gives true fire!

Planty Park Krakow

This is the park that surrounds the Old Town.
Beautiful space is a place for walks, social gatherings and even national celebrations

Kościuszko Mound

Mound dedicated to the national hero - Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Its total height is 34,1 m.
You will see interesting exhibitions here, great view.

Conversion of St. Paul Church

t is a beautiful, baroque church of missionaries brought to Cracow by bishop Jan Małachowski.
At the back of the church is the Garden…

Krakus Mound

According to legend, it is the grave of the founder of the city - Krak.
The height from the base is 16 m.

Observation Balloon

For those who like to look at the world from a unique perspective!
From the balloon at 150 meters you can see the city and…

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

It is a place of pilgrimage associated with the presence of the grace of the famous image of Merciful Jesus and the tomb of…

Pasternik Fort 43

Main artillery fort. Two field artillery batteries, preserved to this day, are adjacent to it.

Manor in Tomaszowice

An ancient 19th century manor park complex.
This place is filled with history and spirit of Old Polish customs.
At present the Cracow Conference…

Manor of Jan Matejko

This charming old manor house. Rural residence, which formerly housed the studio of Jan Matejko.
You will see many fascinating souvenirs here.

Cooling towers in Wieliczka

Cooling towers create a wonderful microclimate for health.
On the towers is the observation tower with a panoramic view of the park and the…

Żupny Castle

The castle is the former headquarters of the mines of Wieliczka and Bochnia.
The museum presents the history of salt mining and the development…

Wanda Mound in Nowa Huta

According to legend, it is the grave of Wanda, the daughter of Prince Krak, whose body was taken from the streams near the flowing Vistula…

Łokietek's grotto

The cave is associated with the legend of Władysław Łokietek, who was supposed to shelter from the forces of the Czech king Wenceslas II.

Source of Love in Ojców

Water flows into a small tank whose bottom is carved in the shape of a heart.
The petitioners claim that a couple drinking from…

Hercules's mace

It is a symbol of the Ojcowski National Park.
Built of hard rocky limestone. It was created as a result of the karst activity…

Pieskowa Skała Castle

You will see monuments like the four manners Sieniawski sarcophaguses from the 17th century.
At the foot of the hill is a complex of…

Monastery and Church in Czerna

This is male monastery of the Discalced Carmelites.
It is a place of worship of St. Raphael Kalinowski and Our Lady of the Scapular,…

Castle in Dobczyce

Castle on a rocky hill above Raba.
Part of the castle is reconstructed and the PTTK museum is housed here.

Church in Dobczyce

Beautiful church. Inside, there is a crucifix from the 15th century and Pieta, probably from Wit Stwosz's workshop.

dam in Dobczyce

The filling of the dam reservoir was preceded by the cutting of 70 ha of forest.
Below the reservoir there is a 2.5 MW…

Viewpoint in Dobczyce

Climbing to the top is rewarded with beautiful views.
The viewing platform is located at the castle tower.

Papal Park in Niegowic

The first parish in which Pope John Paul II worked.
You can admire the replica of the Vatican grave, his monument and much more.

Beach in Gdów

You can enjoy sunbathing on a grassy or pebbly beach, prepare barbecue sausage or soak your feet in Raba!

Dulowska Forest

It is an incredibly interesting place with wonderful natural, recreational and tourist values.

Manor in Glanów

Classicist manor with park and farm buildings. Located on the Wooden Architecture Trail.

Gorges in Karniowice

These are difficult to access, picturesque woodlands crossed by many, rather deep and steep ravines.

Henryk Dabrowski's mound

A mound built on the 75th anniversary of the Polish Legions in Italy in the place where Henryk Dąbrowski was born.

Enchanted Hill Stud

Great place for those who want to relax in the presence of horses.
There is also a playground, barbecue grill, educational path, mini zoo.

PTTK Hostel Kudłacze

The only mountain lodge that can be reached in one day from Krakow.
This is a charming place with a beautiful view.

Triassic rock

It is a monument of inanimate nature and a great tourist attraction area.
At the foot of the rocks grow protected plants.

Lipowiec Castle

You can see here dozens of rooms and exposition of the history of Lipowiec.
It is possible to enter the top of the castle…

Babice Castle

The picturesque ruins of a Gothic castle from the end of the 13th century.
One of the most interesting on the Trail of the Eagles'…

Niepołomice Forest

It is one of the largest forest complexes in Poland!
Asphalt alleys lead to the reserve of bison.

Castle in Rabsztyn

It's the ruins of the knight's castle - Swedish troops plundered and destroyed the castle.
There are annual knight tournaments.


This is a beautiful little town with a 15th century pedigree.
You will find a brick church from the 18th century and a 19th…

Racławicka battlefield

This area was declared as a Historical Monument.
The landscape here is characterized by compact forests and steep slopes.

Błędowska Desert

Felling of trees helped to create this place
The panorama of the desert can be admired from two viewpoints - near Chechło and Klucz.

Powroźnikowa Rock

Picturesque rock, whose slope rises up a vertical wall with a height of several meters.
The perfect place to climb! There are security platforms.

Nieprześnia 1

It's a complex in a picturesque area.
You will find an historic manor house dating back to 1934, an apple orchard, a pond and…

Salt Mine in Bochnia

This mine is the oldest - a 750-year-old, uninterrupted industrial plant in Poland.
There are many attractions!

Kopalnia Soli w Bochni

Zabytkowa Kopalnia Soli Bochnia to najstarsza na ziemiach polskich kopalnia, w której rozpoczęto wydobycie soli kamiennej. Jej początki sięgają 1248 r. Po blisko ośmiu wiekach…

Cmentarz Żydowski

Cmentarz sięga do połowy XVIII wieku. W czasie II wojny światowej władze okupacyjne zlikwidowały najstarszą część cmentarza.
W centrum nekropolii ulokowano zbiorową mogiłę osób zamordowanych…

Świnna Poręba Reservoir

It is a retention reservoir on the River Skawa.
There are no names yet, there are proposals to name it Wadowice or Mucharski Lake.

viewpoint in Hutki

View of the sandstone excavation, mine shafts and railway tracks with the Olkusz skyline in the background, all from about 25m high.

Wały Nature Reserve

It is a strict floristic reserve. It lies on a steep hillside.
The vegetation here is quite diverse with numerous rare and protected species.


The peak is covered with forest.
Near the top of the blue walking trail to Makow Podhalanski encounter grave of a German soldier from World…

Castle in Bydlin

It is the ruins of the 14th century building, the former property of illegitimate son of Casimir the Great.

John Paul II's Garden

There is a 3-hectare piece of figure of the Pope, the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican and more.

Żabnik's Valley Jaworzno

Beautiful and picturesque place in Jaworzno. The reserve covers the entire valley of the Żabnik stream.
It's the perfect place for recreation in nature.

Haller Palace in Mianocice

This is a historic palace with a park in the sentimental style.
During the 20 years of the interwar period it was a place…

Relics of a knight's castle

Built between fourteenth and fifteenth century.
You can walk here by a black trail (about 15 min from the gate at the entrance to…

Pustynia Błędowska

Pustynia Błędowska to jedyny w Europie środkowej śródlądowy obszar lotnych piasków o powierzchni 32 km. kwadratowych. Obecnie coraz bardziej zarośnięty, ale nadal niezwykle popularny na…

Caves in Smoleń

The Zegarowa Cave is one of the most famous caves in the area.
The Jasna Cave 40-10 thousand years ago was inhabited by the…

Palace in Książ Wielki

This is a magnificent, historic Myszkowski palace.
Around there is a garden and unique chapels. At present it is the seat of the school.

Castle in Smoleń

In 1655 the castle was burned by the Swedes and so the building survived to the present day.
The splendor of the old times resembles…

Beach in Kazimierza Wielka

The reservoir on the Maloszówka River is a beautiful place.
There is a long pier, a rocky gym and a beach which is a…

Lagoon in Sosina

This is a very popular recreation area with a guarded bathing area.
There are also beach volleyball courts, swimming equipment rental and amphitheater.

Cave in Straszykowa Mount

An extensive cave is now considered one of the most interesting Jurassic caves. Interesting is the meandering string of corridors.

Chrząstówka Park

This is a grove where there are a lot of trees and benches. Great place to rest for a while.

Ciężkowice Cemetery

There are tombstones of officials and teachers from the Austrian partitions, participant of the January Uprising and others.

Old water mill

The mill is well maintained. You can admire it from the road. The view is beautiful.

Monument of Independence in Jaworzno

It commemorates Jaworzno's civilians who participated in the fights, killed, murdered, imprisoned during all national liberation insurgencies, fighting on the battle fronts and wars.

Sasanka Reserve in Jaworzno

One of the oldest protected objects in Jaworzno.
The first time the presence of pulsatilla here was described in the end of the XIX century.

Railwaymen Monument in Jaworzno

The lost railroad worers carried out diversionary actions during the occupation, stealing the transported goods, causing damage and sabotage.

Castle in Pilica

The knight's castle was rebuilt in the 17th century into a Renaissance palace and surrounded by mighty fortifications.


The Ecological and Geological Education Center is located in the former quarry.
In this area, a very valuable paleontological position was discovered.

Kościół św. Leonarda w Lipnicy Murowanej

Kościół pod wezwaniem św. Leonarda według tradycji zbudowany został na miejscu gontyny pogańskiej.
Kościół należy do najstarszych i najlepiej dotąd zachowanych gotyckich świątyń drewnianych.…

Grota Komonieckiego

Grota jest pomnikiem przyrody nieożywionej.
Jaskinia jest dużą komorą i posiada wygodne wejście szerokości około 15 m i wysokości 2 m. Nad wejściem z płyty…