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Let Me Out Kraków

Na czym polega nasza gra? Zostajecie zamknięci w specjalnie zaaranżowanym pokoju, pełnym zagadek, szyfrów, kłódek i wskazówek. Macie 60 minut, aby je wszystkie wspólnie rozwiązać…

Dreams Music Club

Najświeższy klub w Krakowie, tuż przy najbardziej imprezowej ulicy w Polsce!W naszych nowoczesnych wnętrzach na przestrzeni ponad 400 m2, odnajdziesz aż 3 bary – flair,…

Wax museum

This is the place where you will see wax figures from fairy tales and movies, as well as people who have enrolled in Polish…

Ciuciu Candy factory

Sweets here are manufactured 100% by hand, without enhancers, based on old technology - century small manufactories.

Dragon's Den

This is a karst cave. The main route of the cave is a 81 m long tourist route.
The cave is associated with the…

Water tram in Cracow

The ride gives you the unique chance to see the city from the perspective of the Vistula bend.
Almost 11 meter boats refer to the…

Global Education Park

This is the place where you will travel around the world without leaving Krakow!
Visits here will never be forgotten!


It's a great place to have fun!
Take on the puzzles and free yourself and your friends from the locked room, hurry because the…

Prestige Pub & Club

What is prestige? It is a feeling of incredible fulfillment and satisfaction. That's how you feel about this club! This is a new place…

Escape Challenge

The Escape Challenge is an hour of fantastic fun for couples and families alike.
You will be locked up for one hour in one of…

Escape room Combinator Kraków

Combinator is an interactive adventure game of REAL LIFE ESCAPE GAME or ESCAPE THE ROOM with special effects. During the game you must solve…

Krakow Theater VARIETE

The unique artistic institution, which creates and disseminates the art of entertainment at the highest level!
The events presented here are based on a…

GOkidz Park Rozrywki

Adepci biorą udział w tajnej misji. Czuwa nad nimi drużyna GOkidz, czyli kosmiczni bohaterowie, ratujący świat przed złymi automatami. Przywódca automatów Imperator Scrag, przybył na Ziemię i rozpoczął atak. Drużyna…

GOjump Mateczny -Park Trampolin

Chcemy Was oderwać od wszystkiego co Wam ciąży. Nieważne czy to codzienność, nierozciągnięte mięśnie, oponka, przywiązanie do monitora czy po prostu grawitacja. W Akademii GO jump przygotowaliśmy absolutnie niebanalny zestaw zajęć dla dzieci, młodzieży…


The laser paintball arena and the laser maze are here for you.
Feel like a computer game hero!

ZOO in Krakow

Currently the zoo has 260 species, about 1500 animals, on an area of nearly 17 hectares.
There are plenty of attractions for small and…

Strzelnica Grotgun

Grotgun skierowana jest do zorganizowanych grup turystycznych oraz osób indywidualnych. Strzelectwo to idealny pomysł na organizację imprezy firmowej. Dzięki tej dyscyplinie można w łatwy sposób…

Garden of Experiences

This is the first sensory educational park in Poland.
Within 6 acres there are nearly 60 devices in terms of optics, acoustics and…

Strzelnica TOP GUN

Zarówno indywidualne jak też grupowe pakiety strzeleckie należy zarezerwować z wyprzedzeniem.
Wszystkie rodzaje broni szkoleniowej zawarte w pakiecie jak również amunicja udostępnianie są pod opieką…

Women Center LaLoba

The combination of exclusive home exercise room and a specialized center physical activity, wellness and beauty center.

Trampoline Park GOjump Centralna

Trampoline parks GOjump is one of the most popular attractions in Lesser Poland. Two halls with an average area of 2,000 square meters are waiting…

Paintball Kraków Big-Game

Intelligence, speed of thought and determination are key success factors in this game that will affect your team's victory.
This company will provide you with:…

Cooling towers in Wieliczka

Cooling towers create a wonderful microclimate for health.
On the towers is the observation tower with a panoramic view of the park and the…

Wieliczka salt mine

It is one of the oldest and still operating salt mines in the world, where salt has been extracted for more than 700 years!…

Blue Star

Every week there is a great, big party with famous music stars. Come here for a great time!

Kochul Stud of Hucul Horse

Great place to go horse riding under the supervision of experienced instructors or just admire these beautiful, peaceful horses.

Source of Love in Ojców

Water flows into a small tank whose bottom is carved in the shape of a heart.
The petitioners claim that a couple drinking from…

Sherwood Paintball field

Are you looking for a paintball field that will provide you with a dynamic and engaging game? You've come to the right place!

Adventure Park in Gdów

Excellent place for leisure and relaxation. The main point of the park is Skatepark.
There are also walking paths, benches, chess tables, tennis table.

Gryf cinema

Cinema where in a pleasant atmosphere and an affordable price you watch the movie.

Fire Brigade Museum

You will see here an alarm bell from 1647, banners, helmets, a large collection of photographs, uniforms from the interwar period and much more!

Indian Village in Szczyrzyc

You will see a fully equipped tipi, an Indian sauna and more.
You will learn a lot about Indian culture, you can participate in…

Nieprześnia 1

It's a complex in a picturesque area.
You will find an historic manor house dating back to 1934, an apple orchard, a pond and…

Salt Mine in Bochnia

This mine is the oldest - a 750-year-old, uninterrupted industrial plant in Poland.
There are many attractions!

Archaeological Park

You will see old crafts, clothes, huts... you will get acquainted with the specifics of the work of such workshops as pottery, weaving, herbalists.

Dream World Miniature Park

You will see miniatures of objects from all over the world!
There is also a large amusement park with the offer addressed to both…

Preria - Indian Village

This is a place where you will learn the traditions and everyday life of Indians.
The activities here will awaken your curiosity to explore…

Beach in Kazimierza Wielka

The reservoir on the Maloszówka River is a beautiful place.
There is a long pier, a rocky gym and a beach which is a…

Yacht Club Tryton

Sailing club next to no existing mine in Jaworzno.
This is also the place where you can train for the degree of sailor, helmsman…

Lagoon in Sosina

This is a very popular recreation area with a guarded bathing area.
There are also beach volleyball courts, swimming equipment rental and amphitheater.

Theatre in Jaworzno

The place of development of many types of arts: theater, music, visual arts, dance and more.