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National Museum in Cracow

It is currently the largest museum institution in Poland - in terms of the number of buildings (17), branches (11) and owned objects (800 thousand).

Hutten-Czapski Museum

Museum in the Czapski Mansion.
Here you can admire the impressive collection of Hutten-Czapski: more than 11 thousand coins, medals, orders, banknotes and engravings…

Palace of Arts in Kraków

The Palace is the seat of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts.
There are presentations of Polish and foreign contemporary art.

National Museum Szolayski House

Permanent exhibitions are devoted to Stanislaw Wyspianski and Feliks "Manggha" Jasieński.
On the first anniversary of the death of Wisława Szymborska, an exhibition entitled…

Wax museum

This is the place where you will see wax figures from fairy tales and movies, as well as people who have enrolled in Polish…

19th Century Polish Art Gallery

The Gallery is located on the first floor of the Cloth Hall.
It is currently the largest permanent exhibition of nineteenth-century Polish painting…

Cloth Hall in Krakow

The Cloth Hall formerly had commercial functions.
On the first floor there are exhibitions Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the nineteenth century.

Enjoy Cracow Tours

It is a professional company engaged in transfers of airport, but also organizes trips to local sites such as, among others, Salt Mine in Wieliczka,…

Czartoryski Museum

The museum collects valuable works of European painting from the 13th to 18th centuries, European and Islamic arts and more.

St. Mary's Basilica

One of the largest and most important churches in Krakow.
You will see the Veit Stoss altarpiece here and many other valuable sights.

The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace

Museum in a historic 16th century palace.
You will find expositions devoted to the former Polish art. There is also a lapidarium in the…

Zygmunt Bell

The most famous polish bell which weighs more than 12 tons!
It beats on the most important churches and national holidays and celebrations.

Wawel Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral built in the fourteenth century.
In the royal tombs there are prominent figures like: Kościuszko, Mickiewicz, Slovak, Pilsudski, Gen. Sikorski and others.

Wawel Royal Castle

This is a historic castle that holds many valuable treasures and beautiful interiors.
For centuries, it was the center of Polish statehood.

Conversion of St. Paul Church

t is a beautiful, baroque church of missionaries brought to Cracow by bishop Jan Małachowski.
At the back of the church is the Garden…

Tempel synagogue

Beautiful temple. It has a richly decorated facade on which is placed Decalogue boards, made of black marble.

Museum of the Home Army

A place popularizing knowledge about the Polish Underground State and its armed forces - mainly about the Home Army.

Kupa Synagogue

It is the last synagogue that arose during the Jewish city.
It was also called the Hospital synagogue because it was adjacent to a…

Remuh Synagogue

Synagogue in Renaissance style with beautiful interior.
Next to the synagogue there is a Jewish cemetery - one of the oldest in Europe.

Izaak Jakubowicz Synagogue

The Synagogue was considered the most magnificent and rich synagogue in the city for many years.
Currently it is the place of realization of the…

The High Synagogue

The prayer room is located on the upper floor - hence its name - High.
Place of exhibitions, meetings and concerts.

Old Synagogue

At the permanent exhibition is exposed historical collection of Judaica.
In ancient prayer rooms are displayed objects of Jewish ritual art.

Galicia Jewish Museum

It is located in the building of a former Jewish furniture factory.
The Museum presents the exhibition "Traces of Memory" - a recognition of…

Pharmacy under the Eagle

There is an exhibition devoted to the extermination of Jews from Cracow, the role of the pharmacist Pankiewicz and the importance of this pharmacy in…

Schindler Factory

It was the place to produce enamel products.
Schindler employed Jews here threatened by extermination. 

Young Poland Museum

The museum is housed in a historic manor house where the wedding of Lucjan Rydel and Jadwiga was celebrated.

Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow

It is located in the former airport Rakowice-Czyżyny. You will see exhibits related to the history of aviation.
Number of machines exceeds 200!

Center of John Paul II

A place devoted to the life and work of Pope John Paul II.
It promotes the legacy of a great countryman, promotes his spirituality,…

PRL museum

Museum shows what was in PRL undeniably bad, but also highlights positive attitudes and achievements of people living at the time.

Manor in Tomaszowice

An ancient 19th century manor park complex.
This place is filled with history and spirit of Old Polish customs.
At present the Cracow Conference…

Manor of Jan Matejko

This charming old manor house. Rural residence, which formerly housed the studio of Jan Matejko.
You will see many fascinating souvenirs here.

Regional Museum in Skawina

You will learn the history of the city, its monuments, customs and rituals among the inhabitants of the municipality and beyond.

Wieliczka salt mine

It is one of the oldest and still operating salt mines in the world, where salt has been extracted for more than 700 years!…

Żupny Castle

The castle is the former headquarters of the mines of Wieliczka and Bochnia.
The museum presents the history of salt mining and the development…

Kantor's Chair

The original concrete sculpture 14 meters high, is a monument created in honor of Tadeusz Kantor.

Gallery of Jurassic singles

This exhibition features several thematic themes related to the region and the castle in Pieskowa Skala.
It is located in the former castle forge.

Pieskowa Skała Castle

You will see monuments like the four manners Sieniawski sarcophaguses from the 17th century.
At the foot of the hill is a complex of…

Monastery and Church in Czerna

This is male monastery of the Discalced Carmelites.
It is a place of worship of St. Raphael Kalinowski and Our Lady of the Scapular,…

Castle in Dobczyce

Castle on a rocky hill above Raba.
Part of the castle is reconstructed and the PTTK museum is housed here.

Lipowiec Castle

You can see here dozens of rooms and exposition of the history of Lipowiec.
It is possible to enter the top of the castle…

Manor in Dziemięrzyce

Mansion in the neoclassical style from the middle of the 19th century with the remains of the park.
After the war there was a…

African Museum

One of the largest museums presenting African art and culture in Poland.

Castle in Rabsztyn

It's the ruins of the knight's castle - Swedish troops plundered and destroyed the castle.
There are annual knight tournaments.

Fire Brigade Museum

You will see here an alarm bell from 1647, banners, helmets, a large collection of photographs, uniforms from the interwar period and much more!

Renaissance organs

In the basilica is the oldest instrument of this kind in Poland. It is totally original!

Walery Sławek Villa

Erected for the summer home of Colonel Walery Slawek - outstanding statesman, three times Prime Minister of Poland.
Currently, there is Raclawice Land Society.

Manor in Janowiczki

It is surrounded by a landscaped park, where "Lipa Kościuszki" grows.
At the edge of the park a wooden chapel with a statue of…

Cistercian Monastery Museum

Dr. Kiełtyka, assuming a monastery museum, wanted to save the collections of sacred art collected from the surrounding population.
Worth mentioning is the 18th…

Wooden church in Wolbrom

Built in 1638, a wooden church with a timber frame structure with an altar from the 17th century. On the trail of wooden architecture.

Butterfly Museum in Bochnia

This is the largest permanent exhibition of butterflies in the world!
There are over four and a half thousand specimens from around the world.

House of Urbańczyk

The house is located in a small garden.
The front and side elevations have a rich architectural design with a wooden porch in…

Archaeological Park

You will see old crafts, clothes, huts... you will get acquainted with the specifics of the work of such workshops as pottery, weaving, herbalists.

Manor in Jabłonowy Sad

Grzymałów was established in the early 18th century as a hedgehog and a forest settlement.
This is a place of cyclic meetings connected with…

Castle in Bydlin

It is the ruins of the 14th century building, the former property of illegitimate son of Casimir the Great.

Medieval Park

You will go back here until the 15th century. You will see a medieval village, an armory, a torture…

Wiśnicz Regional Museum

There are historical relics of this region.
Many works of art Wiśnicz painters, souvenirs from the period of World War II, medals and much…

Old church

Gothic-style church, made of stone.
There are fragments of polychrome and baroque paintings from the original decor of the church

Memorial Museum of Jan Matejko

Koryznówka is a customary name for a wooden house erected in the middle of the 19th century.
Jan Matejko often came here to Serafinski…

Haller Palace in Mianocice

This is a historic palace with a park in the sentimental style.
During the 20 years of the interwar period it was a place…

Palace in Książ Wielki

This is a magnificent, historic Myszkowski palace.
Around there is a garden and unique chapels. At present it is the seat of the school.

Castle in Smoleń

In 1655 the castle was burned by the Swedes and so the building survived to the present day.
The splendor of the old times resembles…

Regional Museum in Sławków

Museum collections are presented at five permanent exhibitions, among which are: "The beginnings of Slawkow in the light of archeological excavations" "Souvenirs from the…

Theatre in Jaworzno

The place of development of many types of arts: theater, music, visual arts, dance and more.

Auschwitz Jewish Center

The exhibition presents the history of the local Jewish community, which dates back to the first half of the 16th century.

Pracownia Garncarska

 Edward Gacek - właściciel i artysta-garncarz organizuje tradycyjne pokazy toczenia na garncarskim kole, umożliwia zwiedzanie i poznanie pracowni z XIX wieku.