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Church of Sts. Spirit in Sandomierz

Opatowska 10, 27-600 Sandomierz

from Hotel Chańcza


Church of Sts. Spirit along with a team of the former hospital of St. Spirit - funded in 1292., Built in the fourteenth century., Rebuilt in the nineteenth century. The church and all the buildings of the former hospital made a monastery run by the Order of Hospitallers called Duchakami. It is one of the oldest charitable institutions in Poland (Krakow and Kalisz). Originally built wooden band founded by Castellan of Cracow Żegoty in 1303, burned down during the invasion of Lithuanians in 1349. It was rebuilt at the end of the fourteenth century. St.. Spirit - Gothic - originally belonged to a group of churches pseudodwunawowych. The nave was covered with a trigemino-stellar vaults, supported on a central pillar. The current vault dates from the eighteenth century. Monks in accordance with the rule, cared for the poor, heal the sick and taught the profession of orphans and Foundlings. This place is also the beginning of philanthropy in Sandomierz.



  • Monday

    06:30 - 20:00

  • Tuesday

    06:30 - 20:00

  • Wednesday

    06:00 - 20:00

  • Thursday

    06:30 - 20:00

  • Friday

    06:30 - 20:00

  • Saturday

    06:30 - 20:00

  • Sunday

    07:30 - 20:00


Church of Sts. Spirit in Sandomierz

Additional information

Masses: Sundays and holidays: 7:30; 8:30; 9:30; 11:30; 18:00; 20: 00Święta nationally abolished: 7:30; 8:30; 9:30; 11:30; 18:00; 20: 00Dni Friday: 6:30; 7:00; 12:00; 18: 00dostępność for tourists: the church is open from morning to evening

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