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Valentin Musaum

Tal 50, München


The museum was opened in 1959 as Valentin Musaum. The beginning of the exhibition is Isartor Munich, part of the old fortifications. Hannes king could set up with the support of the city of Munich, the museum. The king was already involved in the Karl Valentin "Ritterspelunke": this institution was a mixture of Panopticon, a pub and on the stage. This concept has also been used to Musaum and still exists today. Hannes King built the collection over the years Musäums further and put the focus on Liesl Karlstadt and Munich Volkssängertum. Through the renovation work from 1971 until 1972 another exhibition spaces can be created in the North Tower. 2001 with Liesl-Karlstadt-office was set on the second floor



  • Monday

    11:01 - 17:29

  • Tuesday

    11:01 - 17:29

  • Wednesday


  • Thursday

    11:01 - 17:29

  • Friday

    11:01 - 17:59

  • Saturday

    10:01 - 17:59

  • Sunday

    11:01 - 17:29


Valentin Musaum
Phone: +49 89 223266


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    1.99 EUR

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    2.99 EUR

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