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House Under the Star

Rynek Staromiejski 35, Toruń


Collection of Oriental placed in located at the east side of the Old Town Square Townhouse under the Star (No. 35). This is one of the most interesting tenements Torun, built in the second half of the thirteenth century. And rebuilt many times. The building also changed owners, one of whom was known humanist, teacher king's sons, Philip Buonacorsi, called Callimachus (years 1495-1496) .In the second half of the sixteenth century. Another reconstruction changed the spatial arrangement of the current building. It was then also profiled ceilings on the second floor, polychrome ceiling beams and a great hall on the ceiling in the back room dylowym ground floor and galleries during the middle floors. Great hall has undergone the reconstruction; in the south-west was built on it to form a "hanging little room" dedicated to the merchant counter. Its footprint is visible on the ceiling in the form of different polychrome beams, and a trace of the partition wall. It should be emphasized that among the relatively numerous polychrome ceiling, preserved in Torun tenements Tenement team under the Star is the largest and najciekawszy.Pod the end of the seventeenth century., The owner - John George Zöbner - a rich merchant, alderman, councilor Old Town, decided to give the building a more modern and presentable appearance, decorate the facade with stucco and topped the peak of the star. Inside was placed on the site of the former nothe spiral staircase, where the first stage, on the left, there is a statue of Minerva, and on the right - the figure of a lion with a shield with the date 1697 .. In the period of classicism made changes: added murals in the hall of the first floor of illusionistic painted Ionic order and pseudo -kasetonami on the ceiling (now reconstructed) .In the second half of the nineteenth century., the site of the chimney, the second placed spiral staircase - this time, cast iron, and at the beginning of the twentieth century. house received new trained door with cast zinc imposed by referring to the stucco ornamentation of the facade . In 1967-69, restoration works were carried out, after which the building was intended for the exhibition of the permanent exhibition "The world of the Orient". The main part of the exhibition has become, received in the years 1966-1970, a collection donated to the museum by Tadeusz Wierzejski. Collection in Tenement At the Star includes pieces from China, Siam, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, India and Japan. They are both paintings, engravings, bronzes, ceramics, fabric, stone and wood carvings and stone products półszlachetnych.Niewątpliwą attraction for visitors Tenement At the Star is located in the courtyard of the building oriental garden. Over 200 m² of space has been arranged for an oriental garden that plant selection, spatial layout and elements of small architecture captures the beauty and spirit of traditional Japanese gardens. Wanders through the gardenlined with cobbles and varied small lanterns, alley, running between exotic plants, decorated and in with boulders and stone slabs in a typical Japanese gardens surround system. Art of the gardens is an important and integral part of Japanese culture and steeped in symbolism and thoughtful in every way a work of art of gardening are an expression of religion, philosophy and aesthetics of Japan. Assumptions garden evolved from being under the influence of Chinese aesthetics, landscaped gardens, the original, fully-fledged arts. A common feature of Japanese gardens is the respect for nature. Such a garden created in a tenement under the Star. Among the vegetation presented in an oriental garden distinguish among common pine (Pinus sylvestris), Pinus parviflora, (pinus parviflora), Juniperus sabina (Juniperus sabina), azaleas (Rhododendron indicum), bamboos (phyllostahys humilis), Maple Palm (Acer palmatum), feeder (Sagina subulata), thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Take a stroll charming alley and relax in a quiet tea pavilion. In October of 2013 years the garden has received the first prize in the fourteenth Competition Mayor of Toruń "TORUŃ GARDEN 2013 'in the category of green areas with an area of ​​over 50 m² in public places.



House Under the Star
Phone: 56 660 56 16


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