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Cathedral of St. John

Żeglarska 16 , Toruń


One of the oldest churches in the former state of the Teutonic Knights. Gothic parish church of St. Old Town. Johns-John the Baptist and John the Evangelist is one of the largest churches in Poland. Held in the solemn church service attended by Polish kings and other distinguished guests of the City Council of Toruń, temple, was the site of the baptism of Nicolaus Copernicus. In the period of almost 800 years of church history variables were his fate. In the years 1530-1583 St. John parish served the Protestants, for the next 13 years has been used jointly by both Catholics and Protestants. During this period the interior of the church was plastered and pobielono, blurring the fourteenth and fifteenth century wall paintings on religious themes, themes which did not correspond to the new religion. Now partially exposed (mainly in the choir and on the east wall) show the richness of the medieval decoration of the walls. In 1596, the Jesuits and the church take possession of the temple is the year 1772. From this year again becomes old-city parish parish church of the Old Town of Toruń, serving its inhabitants to the present.



Cathedral of St. John
Phone: 56 657 14 80

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Walking out of hours mszy.NIEDZIELE and CHRISTMAS: 7.30, 9.00 canon of the Mass for the students of the Seminary in Torun, involving Dzieci12.30- 11.00 Total (on the last Sunday of the month celebrated in Latin) involving MłodzieżyDNI 18.00 weekdays: 8.00, 18.00


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