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Affenfaust Gallery

Paul-Roosen-Straße 43, Hamburg


Hamburg’s biggest private gallery Affenfaust includes modern and urban art from local as well as international artists. The gallery owners Robert Neuendorf, Fred Schäfer, Lycien-David Cséry and Marcus Schild founded Affenfaust in 2012 in the center of the iconic quarter St. Pauli. Due to extraordinary exhibitions and events the gallery established itself within the Hamburger art- und culture ambience. The biggest rush can be noticed at the annual art festival Knotenpunkt – a meeting point for art fans and collectors. Beside the exhibition of more than fourty international artists there are several performances, installations and mural paintings. Those murals, as they are known from the artist banksy, exist at over twenty different places in Hamburg. In course of Knotenpunkt those paintings will be disseminated to contribute to a more beautiful and individual cityscape.



Affenfaust Gallery

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